Analizo is a free, multi-language, extensible source code analysis. It supports the extraction and calculation of a fair number of source code metrics, generation of dependency graphs, and software evolution analysis.


  • Analyze source code in C, C++, Java and C#. Support for other languages is relatively easy to add. Currently this task is executed by the Doxyparse.

  • Extract source code metrics. analizo supports 15+ modules metrics, 7+ project metrics, and descriptive statistics for all module metrics.

  • Extract metrics from a large number of projects in batch mode. You put all the projects you want to analyze in one directoty and analizo takes care of the rest.

  • Extract metrics from VCS repositories. Analizo can give you the evolution of metrics values associated with change metadata for the entire history of your project.

  • Draw dependency graphs. With the help of Graphviz, analizo will help you with the visualization of the dependencies between modules in our project.

  • Help you with software evolution analysis. Analizo can analyze several versions of your project producing an evolution matrix, which help you understand what happens with your code through time.


Analizo was created by Antonio Terceiro as a support tool for his PhD thesis. Analizo was initially based on egypt by Andreas Gustafsson, but currently very little of egypt’s code is left. Analizo has been co-developed by Antonio Terceiro, Joenio Costa, João Miranda and Paulo Meirelles. The work on Analizo has been supported by the following organizations:

User documentation



Analizo latest version can be obtained from CPAN or GitHub, see installation instructions for details how to install.

You can see what’s new latest version in the CHANGELOG file.

Getting in touch

Help regarding Analizo usage can be obtained in the Analizo mailing list. You can also browse the list archive to see whether your problem was already discussed before or not.

You can also find us at IRC: channel #analizo on the Freenode network.

Reporting bugs

Report bugs at Github.


Source code is available at Github. See development tips and profiling tips.

Or buy a Coffee to support me keep working on Analizo.